6 Tools and Tips To Help You Increase Productivity


When you’re working on the Internet it’s hard to avoid the irresistible articles and videos posted, Pocket will help you consume this content just not in work time. Pocket lets you save distracting links and useful articles for later via an extension on to your browser. You can save PDFs that need editing, content that you’re eventually going to share on social media or even client websites. Easily categorise them with different tags so you’re not lost in all the clutter.


Wunderlist is a great tool for setting reminders, assigning jobs to team members and having an interactive to-do list. This program is used across multiple devices so no matter where you are you’re always going to get that reminder.


For anyone using social media, Hootsuite is one of the best management tools for multiple accounts or multiple platforms, especially if you’re looking for quick and easy reporting too. As well as all this, you can also assign messages to team members, set up easy to read streams to keep up with all your tweets and messages, and directly respond to tweets through Hootsuite.


StayFocused is a Google Chrome extension that limits the amount of time you can spend on certain websites. Set up the time-wasting websites you want to block in the extension and how long to block them for.

Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

If you’re constantly using Chrome, Word, Photoshop or any other piece of software then shortcuts can save you hours. Some of my favourites are ctrl+shift+esc on Windows, ctrl+alt+I on Photoshop, ctrl+F on Word or Chrome and alt+D or ctrl+tab on Google Chrome, try them out for yourself to find out what they do! Eventually they will become part of your day to day usage and save you hours.

Be Realistic About Time Management

Structure your day into time blocks and don’t underestimate, give yourself plenty of time to do each and every task, and if you finish before the deadline you can congratulate yourself on working so fast and then move on to the next job even earlier. This will allow you to better plan your time and fit more into each day.

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