9 Things You Need To Tell Yourself To Get Motivated

Being motivated can be difficult, especially when you’re working towards something that is hard or if you’re starting something new and you’ve told yourself you’re going to definitely do it tomorrow for a month.

If you fill your head with positive thoughts you will begin to think positively and feel more motivated. Here’s 9 things you need to be telling yourself to get motivated and finally achieve what you’ve been wanting to for months.

I can do anything – Simple, easy, and motivational. If you set your mind on something you can do it, you can do anything.

There will always be challenges – No matter what you’re doing there’s always going to be challenges, even if you’re putting something off, there’s challenges. You’re just going to have to work through them and treat it like just another one of the million you’ve already hurdled over.

There’s no perfect plan or perfect time – A Chinese proverb explains this quite well, ‘The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.’ Now is always the perfect time to do something. The perfect plan is always going to have flaws or issues along the way, don’t wait until you have the perfect plan, just start executing.

Failure is temporary – Everyone has failed, even the most successful businessmen and women. It’s how you react to failure that makes the difference. Failure is temporary, it goes away. The progress you made towards the goal however, is still there.

If it were easy, everyone would do it – Nothing worth doing is easy, you need to work hard to get what you want.

Experience is always valuable – Even if you crash and burn you’ve gained the experience, you know what to do in certain situations and what not to do. Use this experience to be more successful in the future.

Everything can be improved but nothing needs to be perfect – Keep working on something and keep improving. Start out with a rough thought and then make improvements along the way. But, make sure you know that nothing needs to be perfect, if you’re not starting something because you don’t think it’s perfect, stop, nothing needs to be perfect. Everything can be amended, improved and changed.

I can’t win unless I try – No one ever remembered the name of that person who sat in their bedroom and did nothing. But people will remember the people who tried, who put their all into something. Even if that something turned out to be mediocre.

Nothing great happens overnight – Hard work and persistence create your best opportunities and results. Even if something great happens overnight, it’s probably because you spent five years before that working tirelessly.

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