How You Can Get More Done Without Hiring More People

oAs an entrepreneur or small business owner, money can be tight when starting out and hiring more employees might not be currently viable. Here we’ll be introducing to you six simple ways to help improve managing your workload without hiring anyone.

  1. Minimize communication

Though communication is seen as one of the most important areas for a business to be present in, some of the ways we communicate aren’t essential. This could be voicemails, emails, texting, messaging, meetings etc. Whilst these can sometimes be necessary and productive, a huge portion of your time is wasted.

In short, meetings aren’t always necessary, calls can go on for too long and you can get distracted unimportant messages or emails. Try to minimise these specific forms of communication to ensure that you’re dedicating more time into your work.

  1. Favour specialisation over generalisation

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, the diverse workload and the limited number of employees’ available means that they may become generalists as they may be responsible for a number of jobs.

You should organise the work more efficiently and make sure that the tasks are distributed to employees who specialise in the correct areas instead of generalising everyone. By doing this, you’re more likely to get better quality and more efficient work which integrates with your employees’ strengths and weaknesses.

  1. Set smaller achievable goals

People tend to work better and achieve their objectives if they’re measured and tracked as ‘smaller’ goals than tackling ‘huge’ projects. You should split your projects into smaller sub-categories to ease your employees into completing the overall picture.

  1. Rest

You have to ensure that you’re getting sufficient rest. As an entrepreneur or small business owner whose time’s limited and workload is demanding, you may work longer hours than you’ve ever worked previously and possibly extend this to nights and weekends.

Whilst overworking can mean you achieve your goals, you’ll wear yourself out, reduce your cognitive abilities and increase the stress in your life.

  1. Stop adding projects

Entrepreneurs and small business owners are normally very ambitious. If they get a new idea, they’ll add it to an already overflowing list of ideas and thoughts. But you must limit yourself to a number of projects and focus in on what you already have and ensure they’re complete, instead of constantly changing direction.

  1. Look for low-cost help

Finally, you could look for low-cost help in the form of personal-assistants or contractors who can help with the more time-invested tasks, which therefore will provide you with more time to focus on other areas.

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