Easy Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses That Are Affordable!

When you’re first starting up, funding for a lot of small businesses doesn’t grow on trees unfortunately which is why sometimes we have to consider areas in which we have to sacrifice simply due to the cost. One of the areas which always suffers when finding areas to trim down on is marketing, which is almost a sin. If you don’t market your product, then how on earth are people going to hear about it and purchase it!

But fortunately, if money isn’t exactly flowing in, there’s a number of marketing tactics that you can implement that are cost-effective for your business.

Write blog posts that relate to your business goals

This one sounds pretty simple but what most people miss is relating the blogs to their business goals.

For example, you have Amanda, who sells numerous teas through her ecommerce store which she is incredibly passionate about and believes is the best tea in the world, but business isn’t great.

She writes a superb guide about tea leaves to encourage people to buy. It covers everything you’d need to know about them and it even starts ranking highly and brings in thousands of visitors every month. But there’s only one problem, none of these visitors are buying her products.

Why? Well the issue here is that the guide doesn’t actually fit with her business goals. Simply put, she’s not appealing towards the people who are interested in buying tea leaves. This post is great and brings awareness to her website, she just needs to tie in her product to this post and bring awareness to her product.

You have to ensure that it’s directly in line with your business goals otherwise you’ll be appealing towards the wrong market. You should ensure that you do keyword research, make sure you’re targeting topics that your customers are actually searching for and ensure that your content is showing the value of your product or service in some particular way.

Repurpose content

We did a podcast going into more depth on repurposing content but you have to ensure that you’re tapping into already existing content. Your customers will hang about in numerous places online and will have their own preferences when it comes to content format, some people like reading blogs, some like listening, others like infographics etc.

Repurposing will allow you to reach a much wider audience.

The best thing to do is have a look at which of your pieces of content have had the most shares, clicks, likes etc. and think of ways to repurpose it somehow, then repost it and watch as more interested customers come flocking.

You might have covered a huge number of topics in one post, what you can do is cover each topic individually going more in-depth with the new ones. Or it could be a tweet that went down well with your audience that you may want to consider turning into a video or infographic. The possibilities are endless!

When you’re planning for the future you may want to try and ensure that the content you’re creating is evergreen. Evergreen content is content you write, film etc. that does not expire and is relevant for years to come.

Turn any product upgrades into publicity

This is relatively simple, it could be a tweet, a post on Facebook and an all-out press release just explaining what this recent product or service upgrade means to your customers and how it will help them solve their issue or problem by using it, while giving a bit of background to your business.

Work with other brands to tap into each other’s audiences

You’re not alone as a business owner and you can work with other brands and dive into one-another’s customer base. You should always be on the lookout for any of these opportunities that might arise as it allows you both to naturally cross-promote each other. Or go out and look for these opportunities, start DMing people on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to do collaborations, you will get a few who say yes.

You should choose who you work with carefully, you don’t want to work with a business who has no relation to your product, otherwise it’s just a waste of time and you want to work with someone who has a good reputation amongst their customer base, because if you work with a business which has a poor reputation it can also damage yours.

These different areas are incredibly cost-effective ways to help improve the number of customers you have and help increase conversions. You cannot constrict your marketing efforts, there’s always a way to market something and these affordable ways are perfect for small businesses.

December 17, 2018

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