Five Marketing Success Metrics That You Probably Aren’t Measuring

In today’s marketing landscape It’s more complicated and multifaceted than ever before, so much so that solopreneurs and multinational corporations are left having to balance the different demands and metrics of web traffic, digital banner ads, email marketing, content and every social media platform. Here we’ll be discussing the marketing metrics that you probably aren’t measuring.

  1. Engagement with newsletters

For entrepreneurs and small businesses, emailing is a vital mean for reaching your audience, sharing special offers and deepening their engagement. However, we have very little understanding of how well our newsletter strategy is comparing to competitors and whether or not improvement is needed in the implementation.

  1. Integration with voice search

As the popularity has grown, mobile devices now account for the majority of searches online, and an alternative for searching is through voice search to allow consumers to find what they’re looking for. It’s very important to understand whether your competitors are adapting to this other search method and if their managing to capitalise on the growing trend.

It’s been mentioned that by 2020, there will be around 200 billion voice searches per month! This means brands that begin integrating their company with popular and relatable voice services will be best positioned to cash in on the growth. Surprisingly, of the top 50 e-commerce brands, only 8% have developed voice search for Amazon Alexa and 14% for Google Home, indicating that there’s potential for huge growth.

  1. Average site speed

You must analyse the speed at which your site loads to ensure that you’re providing a seamless experience for your customers and not losing out on traffic or business due to the long load time.

The average load time for a mobile website is around 9 seconds, whereas desktops load time is about 3 seconds indicating that you should aim for your website to be at these average times. Anywhere above and customers may leave and possibly use a competitor.

  1. Don’t use toxic links!

A toxic link is anything ranging from spam to low-quality links that link back to your site, these can have a huge impact on the digital reputation of your site and massively alter your search visibility. Not only will it affect your search visibility, consumers are less likely to find your company reliable due to those toxic links.

  1. Marketing tactics

You will need to understand whether or not this particular marketing tactic is worthwhile. This could be done by looking at your competitors and analysing which of them are adopting this tactic to their platform and if it has improved their success.


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