Four Ways to Improve your Digital Marketing Channels

Most businesses should be using digital marketing to reach out to their target market in the online environment. But, if it’s not done correctly or you don’t pay enough attention to it, you could lose out on some of your market and give yourself a bad reputation on an increasingly popular channel. The following four areas will help increase interactivity and improve your digital marketing.

  1. Speed up your slow mobile website

This should be quite an obvious one. If you happen to have a relatively slow website, no one who enters the website is going to wait for it to load, they’re going to leave and go on a potential competitors site, meaning you’re losing custom. You must ensure that your website loads at a reasonable speed for mobile users as for the first-time mobile web-browsing has overtaken desktop browsing. Improving your website speed could potentially increase your mobile revenue by 10 times its current figure.

  1. Change your customer acquisition model

Make sure you stop spending money on low intent prospects. You need to put the majority of your efforts into identifying who the best customers are (normally the ones who spend the most money consistently). These are the customers that the marketers should be paying to drive to your site.

  1. Start leveraging behavioural emails

Sending out batch and blast emails will destroy your subscribers. If you’re losing subscribers over the years through using these particular emails, then you’ll have none left. Instead, try using behavioural emails. These emails send the most relevant up-to-date emails to your subscribers’ dependent on the actions they’re taking in real-time. You need to realise that on average it takes four or five visits to a site before a customer purchases something for the first time. Sending behavioural emails encourages visits to your site.

  1. Unlock a new revenue channel

Personalised marketing to people is the future, no longer are we marketing using cookies, we’re now marketing to individual human beings. You need to ensure that you identify the customers who are actually viewing your website and what they’re doing on there.

If you can treat each customer who comes through your website with a people-centric approach, they’re more likely to remember their great customer experience and will want to buy your products again, therefore improving your customer acquisition. This will help unlock unfound revenue across all of your channels.

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