Get Ahead Of The Game In Online Marketing With This One Key Strategy [P2S Podcast]

In this podcast, we’ll be talking about how you can get ahead of the online marketing game using one key strategy.

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Before we start today’s podcast I’ve got a couple of tools for you to help you with your online content. The first one is Open Broadcaster Software or also known as OBS. Now OBS is the perfect tool to capture your screen for webinars or videos. It can record directly to your PC in any resolution with completely customisation button shortcuts to allow you to switch from different scenes. If you need a tool for either creating webinars and videos or streaming online, this is the tool for you. Once again, that’s OBS or Open Broadcaster Software.

Okay now let’s get into today’s podcast.

We’re going to talk about how you can get ahead of the future of search, social media and internet marketing. The key is, it’s all about brand and building that brand using tactics that are under-priced.

Your brand can be two-fold, it can be the businesses brand and it can be your personal brand. The strategy works with either or both.

Now to integrate these into your company’s media. Your company needs to be creating content to help build this brand. You need to figure out a way to provide high-quality content that really helps your audience.

For example, if you’re a mortgage lender, you could create content around interior design, the housing market, investing in property and general finance.

Once you’ve done this, you need to figure out how you’re going to create these pieces of content. Is your pillar content going to be you speaking at an event, or is it going to be a live Q & A? If it’s either of these they’d be perfect on YouTube.

But, you don’t want to stop there.

You need to repurpose this content and make sure you adapt it to every style of consumption.

Take the audio from your speaking slot and publish it as a podcast, transcribe the slot and post that as a blog, and you can even cut the piece down and use the smaller clips on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.

From this one piece of content, you can create 10 different pieces of content easily, probably even more.

Once you’re happy with the amount of content you’re putting out you need to make sure you’re personalising it, when writing a blog don’t just write a blog in the typical blog style format without any personality or pizazz. Include life experiences and stories that can’t be copied or created anywhere else. Make that connection with the reader.

After all this, you’re ready to start building the brand. You’ve got the fundamentals down, you’re prepared for people to interact with your brand and to start to recognise your quality content and recognise the brand behind it.

To build your brand you’re not going to sell, at least not yet.

You’re going to run Facebook and Instagram Ads against your content. These ads are currently the most underpriced advertising you can do. And because of the nature of the platforms, the prices are only going to go up.

For the Facebook and Instagram ads, you need to be targeting the right people, you need to be smart with the copy and relate it back to the people you are targeting and don’t go in with a sales pitch to a cold audience.

After you’ve built a decent following up you can be very straightforward and asking your audience to buy your product/service. A lot of them won’t, but that’s okay because you’ve built up a large following that a 1% conversion rate will bring in enough sales to bring a return on investment. You’re trading on the economy of scale.

Not to mention all the indirect sales and recommendations and word of mouth marketing that you’re getting with this brand recognition and high business-consumer trust level.

In terms of search, this is going to massively benefit you with people searching for your specific brand name without searching for your industry. With an incredibly strong brand, you become synonymous with your industry, and you send incredibly strong signals to Google with low bounce rates, high time on site and good overall user satisfaction which will help you rank in the industry terms.

In terms of social, once you’ve built this large audience you’re able to pivot and swivel around different platforms and really squeeze as much value out of social media as possible while it is the new hot commodity.

Do you have any questions about this strategy? Get in touch via the Passport 2 Success forums or on social media, we’re on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Thanks for listening to the Passport 2 Success podcast, check back every Thursday for new episodes.

November 13, 2018

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