How Placing Your Link On Other Websites Helps You Rank Higher

Like every other business out there you want your website to be on that number one page on search engines and building links is a great way to solidify that.

But all of your competitors will be doing exactly the same as you, so you need to try and build the best links possible, especially from websites that have a really good page and domain authority but also to them.

In this article, we’re going to be discussing links and their impact on your search engine optimisation (SEO).


One thing you going to want to consider is the context in relation to the page you’re linking to. Context, in this example, means setting that defines or clarifies what a word means.

There are so many examples out there of businesses linking out non-relatable articles. As an example, you could have an article about octopus ink linking out to a printer ink site. You at least need to ensure that the link you build is appropriate, otherwise, the people who are reading the article will have absolutely no interest in your link, so it’s almost pointless as it won’t benefit your site’s authority at all.

You need to find the right websites which you can link to. Try to find articles, or even offer to write articles for other websites, but you need to ensure that you write in the same style that’s tailored to the website you’re writing for otherwise it’s not going to pull them in. This is why sometimes it’s better to try and place a link in an existing article or even have them write the article so it fits perfectly and doesn’t look out of place.

Try and create an exact match

Ideally, what you want to do is ensure that there’s an exact match from the paragraph that contains your link to the content that exists on the page you’re linking to.

This type of link is referred to as the immediate context of a link. It’s not just the anchor text itself which defines the outbound link, the words around the link itself define it. So it’s best to ensure that the sentence makes sense with the anchor text in it. You can’t just place it in a sentence and hope for the best, otherwise, who’s going to click through when it makes no sense.

There’s a number of different tools you can use to check whether or not a website is a perfect fit for your link such as Ahrefs and Mozs’ Open Site Explorer. The information these tools can provide can really let you make the most out of each link you’re wanting to build. You can analyse a website’s spam score, their domain and page authority, the number of backlinks the website has etc. which can ultimately let you know whether or not it’s worth placing a link there.

Obviously, the lower the spam score the better. Preferably you want a website with zero spam score and high page and domain authority, if you find that, then you’re onto a winner, but realistically, anything below five in regards to the spam score is seen as good, anything above, then you might want to stay away.

Normal linking patterns

Following on from the previous paragraph, you need to make sure that your outbound links are to normal websites. The sites you link to should ideally have normal inbound links that don’t look like they were paid for. Any spammy links should be disregarded immediately.

If the quality of the content is poor, it can be seen as spam. Which is why you need to create quality content or ensure that you’re trying to link to a website that produces quality content. All the audience wants is content that’s appropriate for them and they find interesting, once they do, they’re much more likely to return and read more articles.

When you’re linking out, you have to link well. You have to ensure that the link matches the context of the content it’s been linked to. Not only that, but any paid links need to look as though they’re unpaid, otherwise Google will disregard the link and you’ll see no benefit. Be wise when you’re selecting where you’re linking to, don’t link to spammy websites, use your common sense and think about their audience and whether or not they’re going to be interested in your link and potentially click through.

February 25, 2019

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