How To Be Happier At Work

On average, you spend 35% of your total waking hours at work over a 50-year working life. With that much time at work, you need a happy working environment.

Let me ask you a question, how happy is your working environment? A happy business usually means a successful one.

How can you create this environment? Let me tell you with these five easy steps.


Tidy your workspace

Sounds relatively simple right? But the number of people whose personal workspace is filled with mess everywhere are a lot less productive than those who have a tidy workspace.

Just think, you could be scrambling around trying to find a piece of paper wasting quite a lot of time or it could be organised, clean and easy to find everything.

It keeps you calmer and you have less of a chance of getting stressed if you know exactly where everything is and ultimately puts you in a positive mood.


Brighten your mood with colours

You’d be surprised the impact using bright colours around your working environment can have on your mood. You have to choose the right colours to see the benefits.

If you decide to use blues and greens these will improve your efficiency and focus, yellows create a sense of happiness and creativity and reds can boost heart rate and productivity.

You should try to avoid any of the duller colours such as dark greys and blacks as they usually are associated with quite a bleak atmosphere.

Try to create an environment where these colours are present and you should instantly start to see a boost in mood and productivity.


Take short breaks

Sometimes you need a little break from a stressful workload and you need to get out of your working environment. The one way you can do this is by creating a relaxation area or taking a short break.

This will allow you to recharge your batteries and perform to your full potential. Not only that but you will feel much more relaxed and eager to work.


Be Happy

Happiness is contagious. The more you smile the more likely you and your employees will enjoy the work they do.

If you’re more relaxed and positive, your employees will follow! Don’t worry about making mistakes in these early years, the more mistakes you make the more you learn, so keep a smile on your face to keep your business happy and ticking!

Try to focus on the positive rather than the negatives. When you search for the positives, you will find them, whereas if you’re focusing on the negatives, then everything will seem bleak.


Be a team player and reward your employees

As a leader, everyone will look up to you, so you need to set an example and if needs be, get your hands dirty. Not only will this make your employees respect you more, it indicates that you’re part of their team as well.

You should reward their hard work with fun events or even a simple chat just saying how happy and proud you are that they’re part of your team and you’re thankful of what they’re bringing to it.

Such a simple acknowledgement can go a long way.

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