How To Schedule A Facebook Premiere – What You Need To Know About The New Facebook Premieres

Facebook has recently announced that it will be rolling out its Premieres video format to all global Pages. Facebook Premieres allow you to post a pre-recorded video as ‘live’ content.

The perks of this include being featured more prominently in the news feed, live interaction between viewers and, depending on users’ notification settings, Facebook may send alerts to notify users that your page has gone live. As well as this, Premieres will be featured on Facebook Watch and are also eligible for ad breaks (something which you couldn’t have previously done with Live videos).

The Premieres video format was previously open to a select number of large pages with early access, including Sony, BuzzFeed and the Buffalo Bills.

So how do you schedule a Premiere? Premieres need to be scheduled at least 10 minutes prior and can be scheduled up to a week in advance. When the Premiere has been scheduled a page’s audience will see a placeholder post which will seamlessly turn into the Premiere when it is scheduled to air and when the Premiere has ended the post will turn into a regular on-demand video. All this can be managed through the current video uploading tool, however, they can only be scheduled and uploaded from a computer.

Premieres must be at least 30 seconds long, no larger than 10gb in file size and a maximum resolution of 1080p and 30 frames per second. For more technical specifications please click here.

What is interesting is that a video previously released on Facebook or anywhere else on the internet cannot be published through Premieres. Previously Premiered videos on Facebook cannot be Premiered again, previously uploaded videos on Facebook cannot be Premiered and previously live videos cannot be Premiered, however, repackaged versions of live videos such as highlights or recaps may be Premiered. Syndicated series that have been previously released on the internet may only Premiere their first upload to Facebook. You can schedule more than one Premiere for the same time.

How To Schedule A Facebook Premiere

  • Click ‘Share photo or video’ on the Show Page you want your Premiere to broadcast from
  • Click ‘Upload Photos/Video’
  • Select the video you want to Premiere
  • Click ‘Publish’
  • Select ‘Premiere’
  • Fill out the fields for ‘Premiere Start Time’
  • Click ‘Schedule Premiere’

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