How to Write Social Media Ad Copy To Increase Conversions

You want your social media ads to be a hit right from the off and the best way to ensure that they’re hitting the right notes can be found within this blog.

If you’re setting a precedent on social media with poor ads, why are people going to click through to your website? You want to ensure that the ads you create are the best you can possibly do to encourage those who are interested to click through and convert.

In this blog, we’ll be covering four different areas to ensure that you’re creating something that converts.

Extend your brand voice to your ad copy

Your business should have its own voice and it should be one that mimics that of your followers. When users are scrolling through their social media feeds, your brand should stand out almost immediately through the brand voice you’re known to use.

You have to use words that associate with your brand, for example, if you’re a casual clothing brand you wouldn’t want to go anywhere near words that reflect a suit and tie mentality. You need to ensure that your ad copy mimics the language you use in other posts, as well as the language your demographic uses. You want to be able to relate to them and vice versa. If you don’t, then they’ll become disinterested and begin ignoring your brand and move on to your competitors.

Clearly communicate the who, what, when, where and why

Your social media ads not only have to include a call to action but also they should be answering the who, what, when, where and why. If you communicate these details with the users then it helps them have all the information they require so when they do engage with the ad, they have a much higher engagement rate than those casual likers who just like everything they scroll through.

This is how each should be answered:

  • Who: This is who your business is, so for us it would be Passport 2 Success.
  • What: This is what your business does.
  • When: When can you get this by? Today? Next Week? Or is there no time frame?
  • Where: Where they can go to find more information.
  • Why: Why your business is doing this.

Taking this into account, you should have a look at any social media ads you’re currently running, that is of destination if you were running any in the first place and see if they follow the who, what, where, when and why format – if not then you should be editing them and reposting them to ensure that they do!

If you’re struggling to get an answer for all of the W’s, then you should think about your target market’s pain points. You need to make a great story out of your ad copy. You need to know that your audience not only understands what makes them tick but also what they need.

Test ad copy length for performance

On some social media platforms, you have the option to use a longer ad copy, but just because you have the option doesn’t mean you should necessarily use it. if you can communicate your call to action or primary point in fewer words, then do so, preferably the shorter the better.

Some people say that longer works better, but others say that shorter is more effective, but you should try it out for yourself and give both a go, each business is different meaning that the results can vary. Ultimately, you want your users to understand the message that you’re conveying. Try out both short and long and see which format works best for your business.

Combine your copy with visuals

One of the main reasons why people flock in millions to social media is to be entertained by what they read and see, which is why it’s important to place both text and visuals in your ad copy when applicable. Not everyone enjoys reading, no matter how long the sentence some people just really don’t like it and if you can use visuals to pull people in, then do so.

It all has to work harmoniously together though, you can’t just shove an image and text together to draw people in, you can lose a lot of interest very quickly. You have to be smart and use things that work together.

December 7, 2018

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