It’s Easier Than You Think Bouncing Back From Mistakes

We all make mistakes as a business owner no matter how big or small our business is. But what you can help set you aside from every other business is how you recover from these mistakes, learn from them and move forward. Making mistakes is part and parcel of being an entrepreneur or small business owner and the sooner you accept this, the sooner you can start to take your business forward.

We’ll be introducing to you how you can bounce back after hitting a bump in the road.

  1. Be aware of your self-talk

When you start judging yourself and criticising any of the mistakes you’ve made, even if they’re small, you’ll start giving yourself a negative energy. We’re always way too hard on ourselves and if you don’t stamp this out early, then you won’t progress.

Instead of criticising yourself, you should take note of it and try to take a moment to give yourself to empathy. Try and congratulate yourself on something that you’ve excelled at recently, you perform much better when you’re in a positive mindset than a negative one.

  1. Ask for support

Sometimes being an entrepreneur can feel extremely lonely, but remember there’s a huge variety of entrepreneurs and business owners out there who want to network with one-another. This will let you talk to others who may have made a similar mistake to you so you can listen to how they overcame the issue, learned from it and grew past it.

This can be essential for success. If you don’t have a number of other people you can trust, then focus some of your time on banding together a tribe of people who like you, the sort of people who don’t compete with you and who is always there to listen to you and your business problems.

If you’re struggling, don’t be shy to reach out to them and get the support you need to get back on track.

  1. Have days off

Sometimes we just need a bit of space from out business to gain a perspective. You shouldn’t be working on your business seven days a week, you need to get time away so you’re able to have some time to yourself. Take a day off with the family or with friends and go and do what you enjoy doing! Then when you come back you’ll be refreshed, refocused and raring to go again.

If you continually work, you’ll start to burn-out which means more mistakes will start occurring. An example of someone taking a bit of a break is Steve Jobs for Apple. Steve Jobs left Apple before returning again. When he re-joined the company, they skyrocketed.

  1. Ask good questions

If you make a mistake you want to know exactly what you’ve done wrong for it to occur and asking questions should be one of the first areas you cover. When you ask the right questions, you’ll begin to understand what you could’ve done differently that may have changed the outcome.

This also applies to when you’re chatting with other entrepreneurs, you need to ask the right questions and understand how they’ve overcome some of the more difficult situations so you know exactly what to look out for when they arise.

  1. Have a mentor

To avoid any potential mistakes, it could be good if you’re a small business or entrepreneur having a mentor can really help you understand some of the do’s and don’ts in your market.

Preferably you’d want to get someone who’s already had success in your market area and know it like the back of their hand and finding a mentor is a lot easier than people think. Business owners want smaller businesses to succeed. They’ll be able to provide you with advice so you’re able to take your business forward and help you recover from any mistakes made previously.

October 1, 2018

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