Liverpool Vets Celebrate After Signing Up 20,000th Member To Wellness Plan

A Liverpool puppy has recently been given a full years’ worth of free health-checks and preventative veterinary care after becoming the 20,000th member of White Cross Vet’s Complete Wellness Plan.

The five-month-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Reggie, was signed up at White Cross Vets in Gateacre by his owner Jason Kirby, who is a local and was thrilled to hear the good news that he had hit the milestone on the healthcare scheme.

The Complete Wellness Plan first began back in 2011, where the scheme offers dogs, cats and rabbits a full range of free preventative healthcare treatments, all annual vaccinations, comprehensive annual physical examinations, unlimited vet visits and half price neutering, as well as a discount of a variety of toys, treats, pet foods and dental procedures.

Helen Morris from Cross Vets in Gateacre said:

“When it comes to pet care, prevention is always better than cure and our Complete Wellness Plan is designed to provide the very best possible preventative healthcare at a cost-effective and fixed monthly price.

“Pet owners like the peace of mind it gives them, because they can bring their pet to their vets every day if they like, and this provides the opportunity to discover signs of illness and disease at a very early stage. As a result, more than a third of all the dogs, cats and rabbits that we treat across all our practices, are now members of the scheme.

“We were all delighted when we signed Reggie up and realised he was our 20,000th member, which meant we gave him his first year for free. He’s a lovely puppy who is always excited and full of energy and we’re looking forward to helping him stay in tip-top condition at a critical stage in his young life.”

Reggie’s owner, Jason Kirby, said:

“We got Reggie as an eight-week-old puppy this summer and he’s immediately become part of our family, so we want the best possible standard of care for him. We took him to White Cross Vets for his initial vaccinations and when I read about the benefits of the Complete Wellness Plan for a fixed monthly price of £16.95, I thought it sounded good value and signed Reggie up. I couldn’t believe it when I heard he was the 20,000th member and it really epitomises what a special dog he is.”

The Complete Wellness Plan costs between £16.95 and £18.95 per month for dogs, £16.95 per month for cats and £6.50 per month for rabbits

January 7, 2019

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