Mental Health At The Forefront Of Cue Marketing

The Manchester based marketing agency, Cue Marketing have become one of the first agencies in the North West of England to have a fully qualified Mental Health First Aider on their team.

Managing director, Nick Boyle recently completed a destination with MHFA England, to further support a cause that he is incredibly passionate about.

“Statistics suggest around one in four people will experience mental ill health at some point in their life,” said Nick Boyle. “These are just the recorded instances, so in reality, it’s likely to be much higher. No matter what it is, I never want a member of staff here at CUE to feel like work is adding to any challenges they may be facing. By being a Mental Health First Aider, hopefully I can help relieve some of that pressure and provide real first-line support when people need it most.”

According the MHFA England, mental ill health can cost Businesses £34.9 billion per year through a reduction in productivity, sickness and absence.

Whilst Mental Health First Aiders aren’t qualified to provide any medical help or therapy, they are able to be a key first step to those who may be in distress. Here’s what they can do:

  • Spot signs of potential mental illness health issues.
  • Be able to prevent these signs from escalating any further, or to provide reassurance and support through non-judgemental listening.
  • Guide the person towards more support such as self-help or their GP.
  • Have a relatively detailed understanding of mental health and how it affects someone’s well-being.

“The team here at CUE are the most important asset we have; without them, there is no business,” continued Mr Boyle. “Since I joined, I have been working to make CUE a more enjoyable and rewarding place to work, and becoming a Mental Health First Aider is the next step on that journey. I want the staff here to feel like they can come to me with any challenge they face – big or small – and know that they will be listened to and helped.

“A happier and healthier team means a better work environment, which means higher productivity and better results for us and our clients. But it’s about more than that; we spend a huge chunk of our lives at work, and I believe that this time should be as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.”

Jaan Madan, Workplace Lead for MHFA England, mentions:

“It’s pleasing to see that CUE Marketing has taken a proactive approach to supporting mental health in the workplace. Training the company’s Managing Director in Mental Health First Aid demonstrates a positive, top-down approach and will ensure that all staff know exactly who to approach for support. Reducing the stigma around mental ill health is crucial for a healthy workplace, and this development will help encourage a culture of compassion, non-judgemental conversation, and togetherness.”

Cue Marketing is also encouraging others in the Manchester area to act and stand up to make mental health a priority in a workplace.

Mr Boyle comments: “Manchester is a wonderful place for businesses to grow and flourish. However, we want other businesses to ensure that their employees aren’t feeling lost or alone are supported by the companies that they work so hard for. By encouraging businesses to support their employees’ mental health, we hope to support Manchester in becoming the best city to work within in the UK”.

To find out more about Cue Marketing, visit their website

September 25, 2018

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  1. Think this is a brilliant idea especially in large companies. We are a small team and are lucky as I think we all feel able to speak to our Manager or another colleague about any issues that are bothering us.

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