Panintelligence And BIST Group To Offer Data Analytics For Education Sector

Schools and universities across the UK will be able to use their own data to help improve outcomes for students as a result of a partnership between Leeds business analytics developer Panintelligence and technology provider, BIST Group, based in Bingley.

BIST, who supply hardware and software to more than 2,500 schools, colleges and universities as well as other private and public sector clients across the UK, will add data analytics and business intelligence to its range of services as a result of the tie-up with Panintelligence.

The Technical Solutions Manager at BIST, Matt Hopkinson said:

“Many of our clients currently access just a fraction of the potentially valuable data they have stored. We needed a way to transform their organisations so that they have all their data in one place and can access it and use it as the valuable resource that it is.

“Panintelligence’s data analytics systems make the process simple and enable people at the coal-face of an organisation to access and use the data to generate useful reports and insights that make a real difference.”

The CEO of Panintelligence, Zandra Moore said:

“In the education sector data analysis has the power to identify those students who are most at risk of missing classes and dropping out, so we can improve outcomes for learners. It’s all about the double bottom line, data analytics for social change, along with fair commercial competition.”

She added:

“Businesses also need to gain access and insights to their valuable data easily if they are to compete. The people who work in a business are best-placed to cross-examine their own data and through our data analysis software they can access that in real-time, and effect real change.”

January 18, 2019

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