Primary School Pupils Future At The Forefront Of Partnership

Two of the leading providers of development programmes for school children have joined up to raise aspirations of students in the north of England and beyond.

Both Positive Footprints and Primary Futures both work with schools to help open up about the life of work for primary school children, which will help them understand more about possible career choices and the importance of education.

Through its Raising Aspirations programme, Positive Footprints will get the pupils to think about their futures and develop the key skills associated with the world of work by getting them to engage with the programme in a fun way. This programme is an out of box solution for schools with all of the necessary solutions and equipment provided to the teachers to deliver the programme within their classrooms.

Primary Future connects schools with inspirational and diverse volunteers from a range of different employers. The volunteers come into the schools and talk to the children about their jobs to help raise aspirations and connecting them to the world of work within the classroom.

The partnership will see both organisations bring their programmes together to allow schools to run the Raising Aspirations programme and access business volunteers for career events, which overall will provide the schools with a much broader range of resources.

The Managing Director of Positive Footprints, Lesley Burrows said:

“We are really excited to be bringing these two fantastic programmes together and offering schools the best chance of preparing their students for the transition to secondary school.

“Separately, both Positive Footprints and Primary Futures have hugely positive impacts on schools and school children across the country, but we believe that this partnership will bring so much to our offer.”

Nick Chambers, the CEO of Education and Employers, the charity that runs Primary Futures said:

“Meeting our volunteers from the world of work chatting about their jobs can really help to spark primary school children’s imaginations about what they want to be when they grow up.

“It also helps them to understand how important what they learn at school is to them in later life. We are delighted to be partnering with Positive Footprints and look forward to working together to broaden the aspirations of primary school children in the north of England and beyond.” 

November 7, 2018

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