Quality Over Quantity In Marketing

As someone who may be new to marketing, you have a lot to think about. You want to ensure that everything you’re creating is reaching the right audience and encouraging them to convert into customers.

However, you have to create engaging marketing campaigns and strategies to do so otherwise nothing of the sort will occur. You want quality content over quantity all the time. You want to provide your customers with quality otherwise why would they convert?

Over time, consumers have come to expect businesses to provide content so they’re able to learn more about the company through blogs, social media, newsletters etc. If you’re looking to use digital marketing within your business then it’s great news!

It’s great having an abundance of content, but if it’s not exactly bringing anything to your customers then what’s the point. You want your content to provide quality to your audience.

By quality, we’re talking about content that’s better targeted, more personalised and something that has highly creative messaging. You should have an idea of who your ideal target market is and the content that they’re interested in.

If you have both quality and quantity, brilliant. But businesses usually have one or the other and out of the two, you want quality.

Small Conversions Are Leading The Way

People no longer have the patience to try and find content they desire past the first page on Google. We’ve mentioned previously how the use of chatbots are going to be on the increase in 2019 and this should definitely be something that you take advantage of in your business.

Adding chatbots to your website is a great way to scale the overall ability of your business as they can help provide answers to anyone interested. Chatbots have become much more intelligent and are constantly learning to ensure that there isn’t a question they cannot answer. They have ultimately become so useful to businesses that 80 per cent of companies are planning on using them by 2020.

Social media is becoming a necessity in marketing for businesses. It helps you understand how to stay on top and how content is appropriate for different social media channels. Most of us know that social media is needed nowadays, but we still don’t use it right. We use it as a bit of a daily check-list. Instead, we should be using it as a conversation starter. We want to chat with our audience and learn more about them. The more interest you take, the more they become invested in your business.

Communication Is Key

To understand what your leads and audience want, you need to communicate. They’re the main reason why your business is successful, so you need to listen to what content they desire and what platforms they want access to.

They help you understand exactly what they’re looking for so instead of writing in huge quantities to try and find the content they desire, ask and then you’re able to create that quality they’re looking for.

If you use your digital marketing correctly, then you’re going to give your business one of the best opportunities to succeed. The quality of your content will improve once you know exactly what your audience is looking for. You’ll be able to make your content much more specific and targeted towards your audience so there’s a much higher chance of them converting.

April 15, 2019

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