Which Social Media Channels Should Your Business Be On

Most businesses know they should be on social media, but they don’t know which channels. Here we’ll highlight the different popular channels and which businesses will benefit from which channels.


Facebook is the social media standard, almost everyone knows about Facebook and has used Facebook, which is probably why it has over 1 billion daily active users. Facebook is most successful for B2C businesses, however, if you’re a B2B company, don’t completely rule out Facebook as it can be a great tool to keep in contact with individuals at other companies and a Facebook page also allows you to run Facebook Ads.


Twitter is another big player in social media and has paved the way for social media standards, for example, Twitter was the first social media platform to use the hashtag you know and love today. This is perfect for both B2B and B2C companies to contact their customers, provide customer support and promote their work.


YouTube is the online video powerhouse. Much like Twitter, this can be used for both B2B and B2C companies. This is perfect if your business creates visually appealing content such as walk through videos of how your product is made/used, product reviews, or product showcases. Another great way of using YouTube is as a video hosting website which you use to embed videos into your website.


LinkedIn is the professional’s network, it’s the perfect place for B2B companies and individuals to meet and make relationships with other business men and women. The most effective way of using LinkedIn is as an individual, adding relevant individuals at other companies to sell to them or partner with them.


Instagram is an image only social media platform, and much like YouTube if you create visually appealing content around your business, this is a great way to get in front of customers. This is mainly a B2C platform. Converting people from Instagram into customers can be difficult; you can only include one link in your profile and can’t include links in your posts.


Snapchat is the new player in the social media jungle and has grown exponentially in the past year or so. This is B2C territory, with incredible engagement stats. However, it is difficult to grow an audience if you don’t already have one on other social media platforms.


Much like Instagram, Pinterest is image based. This has a demographic of older women. B2C companies will do best on Pinterest. You can link back to your website on every post on Pinterest to drive traffic back to your website.


Tumblr is very similar to Pinterest as it’s very picture based, however, as it’s primarily a blogging website, text posts do come into play. Tumblr’s demographics are teenagers and early 20s so it is great for B2C companies. Red bull is a great example of a company using Tumblr, check their page out at redbull.tumblr.com.

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