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First and foremost you should check out the destinations. We recommend starting with Market and moving your way through the Five M’s For Marketing, then moving on to bonus content after.

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While checking out the destinations if you have any questions or you want to chat with like-minded business owners and industry experts head on over to the forums.

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Now you’re getting stuck in with the destinations and interacting with the community, why not come to one of our free members-only events. Once a month, not only do you get to learn from Industry experts, you also get to work on your own marketing supported by the experts. You get to create your own eureka moments working in small groups and getting in the moment feedback on your marketing so you can refine and improve your own communication and messaging to your audience.

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Next up are the videos, your in-flight movies, these give helpful, bitesize, business tips to help you succeed in business. As a member, you’ll enjoy two new videos per week as well as the one standard video for both non-members and members.

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Want to keep up with the latest in business news? Or, do you have a press release ready for publication? Check out the news section of Passport 2 Success. Members get publication priority.

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Want to learn even more? Check out the Passport 2 Success blog, where we share even more insightful business tips and tricks to help you get ahead of the competition.

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