10 Questions To Ask To Determine The Decision Maker

There’s nothing worse for a salesperson than thinking you’ve landed a sale then realising they’re not the decision maker. You can’t simply ask ‘are you the decision maker?’ this will make your contact feel unimportant and make it even harder for you to get to the actual decision maker. The following questions will allow you to subtly find out who the decision maker is.

Is there anyone else involved in this process?

What’s the purchase approval process like?

Have you purchased any similar products to this before? What did you like/dislike about those?

Will any other departments be using this product? Are they involved in the selection process?

How can I help you get this purchase approved? Do you need any materials from me to make this easier?

Is there anyone else I should be meeting with to get the full picture of how you and your colleagues will be using our product and what your needs are?

How long have you been looking into this type of solution and why did you start?

July 16, 2018

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