Content Marketing Strategies That Businesses Should Be Using

Content marketing, one of the topics that we just don’t shut up about. And for a good reason can we just say!

If you excel in content marketing, then a lot of the time, your business is going to be a success. But if you don’t touch it, then you’re not taking advantage of an area which can really make a difference for businesses.

There’s usually a guideline to follow to ensure that you’re getting the most out of content marketing.

What are these we hear you ask?

Fortunately, you’re in the right place to find out!

We’re going to be discussing some of the best content marketing strategies that business owners should be using.

Keeping your team educated

Knowledge is power and the exact same works in business.

On-going training is an incredibly important component for a well-performing marketing team. If you want your business to create quality content, then your team needs to be well educated and can distinguish between good and bad content.

As a manager, you should be sharing quality content with your team to help improve and guide their learning process. Tracking and analytics should be used to help understand what pieces of content performed well and which didn’t. This can then help you create content that your audience actually enjoys instead of the generic, run of the mill content that keeps you ticking over.

Everyone can learn something and providing your team members with learning opportunities that fuels their professional growth are the best aspects of a winning content marketing team.

Appeal To The Heart Of Your Audience

Sounds easier said than done. However, emotional triggers are the key to conversions. The best performing brands are usually those who have managed to create a product that is the most addictive. Little touches can make a huge difference. It could be entertaining gifs or even short-term rewards that pull your audience in further and have them coming back for more.

By humanising your product or service, you bring your business back down to reality which helps stimulate feelings of trust, hope or belonging with your customers.

Add to this emotional mix a well-reasoned argument in favour of your solution to the customer’s problem and then you’re good to go!

Collaborate With Customers and Co-workers To Create Content

When you’re creating content, you want to create something that your audience is going to enjoy.

When you’re creating content, it’s not just your readers who you should be aiming towards. Develop different, unique ways to know your audience and listen to their feedback to find out exactly what they want and what they need.

You want to give your audience the information they want. Your content should be relatable, informative or provide a solution to an issue that your audience is bound to have.

Separate Your Business

The sea of sameness is what we always say when there are thousands of businesses out there promoting exactly the same thing as you. You want to be different.

Think about your company persona and brand message. Is this the style you want to present your information to your audience in? Look at your audience, your why and what you can do to communicate with your audience better.

Any business can share information, that aspect is easy. But it’s how you share that information that makes you stand out from the rest. You want to put your own spin on content that makes your audience take note.


June 17, 2019

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