Five Ways to Ensure That Your Employees are Energised

The largest companies in the world are now beginning to manage employee energy as an asset. They know that with the constant changes and different pace, it can require more energy input and any small business owner or entrepreneur will tell you it takes a lot of energy to grow a business. But, you have to be able to control it. This blog will introduce to you five ways to energise your employees.

  1. Focus on the things that matter

At companies such as Facebook, each individual takes time out to write their own vision which can range from their own personal targets, to their business ventures. By openly sharing what’s important to them, Facebook employees save a huge chunk of time and energy not having to find out what’s important to their colleagues.

  1. Create a ‘not to do’ list

We’ve all used a to-do list but a ‘not to do’ list is slightly more obscure. At IBM, they sit down every quarter and make a list of things they won’t be doing. This is a great way to ensure that everyone focusses directly on the priorities rather than getting side-tracked by less-important jobs.

  1. Walk and talk

At Google’s Asia Pacific headquarters there are very few sit-down meetings. So much so that they have a meeting route that they take to ensure that energy levels are recharged and they’re not stuck in an enclosed environment.

  1. Test, learn and reflect

If you shorten the cycles at which you bring your products to your customers, you’ll have more opportunities to test, fail, learn and improve your product or service. By reflecting on what you’ve learned from the previous cycle, it can help energise your team and encourage innovation.

  1. Keep meetings small

No one really likes sitting in meetings and especially a meeting they don’t need to be at. Companies are now trying to reduce the number of people present in meetings to six people or less to ensure that there as effective as possible and allow everyone to stay involved.

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