Four growth tactics you should never use

When starting up, growing your business can be a struggle, as it seems that there’s constantly things you need to do to ensure that your business grows, and it can seem a lot harder when income is very inconsistent. But as with anything, there are do’s and don’ts that come with growing your company and in the following article, we will indicate four growth tactics you should never use.

  1. Adding people to your mailing list without them signing up

In a number of countries around the world, it’s actually illegal to add someone to you emailing list without their permission. If you have used this previously you must stop! People absolutely hate this tactic and can be put completely against your company when they get an email from a list they didn’t sign up for. It’s very shady and it will mean that people could get the wrong idea about your business and try to avoid you.

You never get a second chance with first impressions, you need to ensure that you make it the best it can be. Let someone opt in on their own accord. You can point them in the right direction for them to sign up, but ultimately, it’s their decision. If you make the decision for them, it comes across as being very desperate.

  1. Adding people to your Facebook group without their permission

This one is similar to the email listing one, only more common because it seems harmless – it’s not. On a daily basis, entrepreneurs and small business owners add people to their Facebook group even though they may have no interest in them, this can be very irritating for the users, and as previously mentioned, people will get the wrong idea about your business. Even if your product or service is relevant, we don’t want to be part of Facebook groups by force, we want the users to make their own decision.

  1. Trying to sell as soon as someone connects with you

This should be an obvious no no, but to some it’s not. People normally buy from people they know, like and trust. One of the few ways they’ll only buy from you is if they’re referred by someone who has previously bought a product or service. If you try and sell straight away, you will come across as desperate; and as the customer doesn’t know your company well, they may feel uncomfortable and pressured. Again, let them make their decision, all you can do is provide a great service to encourage a purchase and possibly a future customer.

  1. Exaggerating/lying about results

Results are often exaggerated or outright lies. A company normally does this to make them look more successful than they actually are in hope that it gets the customer to buy. Don’t lie. Don’t exaggerate. Focus and examine the benefits someone would be able to gain if they decide to purchase from you. If you are unable to think about any of these benefits without lying, you have some serious rethinking to do. The truth always comes out in the end and it could completely ruin your business.

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