How To Attract More Email Subscribers Through Lead Generation

One of the first things people do in the morning other than looking on their social media is browsing their emails as it’s a great way to stay informed and connect with the people around you.

For business owners, it’s one of the most direct ways to market towards your audience and when people provide you with their email address, then use it as an opportunity to share more information about your business and products.

Email marketing when done right can work wonders for your business and help make it grow. Emails can be a great way to build relationships, educate and inform subscribers, and, of destination, sell more products by moving people through the customer’s journey.

But before you market to your audience, you need email addresses, which aren’t exactly easy to come by as most people when signing up for things they’re not entirely interested in will provide an old, unused email address.

You have to be more creative and hold onto your audience’s attention otherwise why are they going to subscribe and open your emails?

To help you understand what’s required, we’re going to show you some lead generation strategies to help you get more emails.

Use lead magnets

By using lead magnets, you’re giving your visitors an incentive to share their email addresses and receive something in return.

Lead magnets have always been a relatively strong lead generation strategy because of the flexibility that they offer. You can swap and change your lead magnet to meet the needs of your audience, whether it’s discount codes, ebook download, event sign up etc.

You’ll have customers along different lines of the conversion process who will all be interested in lead magnets. Once the leads share their email address, deliver the lead magnet as promised and then keep them in the loop and provide them with informative and interesting emails.

Now to find out what lead magnets work you need to experiment. You should ensure though that whatever you offer will be in line with the products or services you sell. For example, if you sell clothing, then free shipping is always a winner.

Use landing pages

When you’re running an ad campaign, you need somewhere other than your homepage to direct the traffic through. You should try to use a landing page that includes additional information about the offer and a lead form for people who are interested to share their information.

By using a landing page the main focus is to move as many leads as possible through the sales funnel and convert them. To increase the chances of this happening, you need:

  • A section explaining the benefits the customers can receive by sharing their email address.
  • How you plan on solving their issue.
  • A clear call to action.

Use sticky bar

You’ll usually see a sticky bar at the top of a web page and it’s usually asking shoppers to join their email list, or include a special offer that prompts visitors who click to enter their email address.

The difference between a sticky bar and a popup is that they cannot be closed and they sit there at the top as a constant reminder to the visitor to join your email list.

You want this to stand out from the rest of your website so try and pick a bright, vibrant colour that really makes the sticky bar ‘pop’ and act as a constant reminder to anyone interested to sign up.

Use social media

Social media is on the rise and the majority of people spend most of their time on social media. You should try and use your social media platforms to invite people to sign up for any newsletters you’re running so you can drive them to your website.

This is particularly successful for people who are in the awareness, interest and consideration stages of their customer journey because you’re able to grab their attention on a channel where they spend most of their time.

These different lead generation strategies can help you appeal to your audience in different ways and ultimately increase the number of email subscribers you have. it’s all about optimising your marketing, you want to get the most from it and these different strategies will help you do just that.

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