How To Handle Complaints On Twitter

Twitter is the perfect place for you to launch a comprehensive customer service offering. For many customers, this is the first place they’ll go to complain about a company or ask a company for help.

As a business, you have to be on high alert for any complaints that come through this channel.

First of all, you have to act fast, you should try and reply to any complaints within the first hour and if not that then at least the first couple of hours. Many customers will expect an instant reply and you don’t want to keep them waiting.

Some of the complaints can be resolved through a simple single line explanation but if not then it’s time to hit the DMs.

Ask the customer to send you a DM so you can diffuse the situation and privately hear the customer’s complaints and resolve the issue.

Then if you’re not able to resolve it immediately it’s only the customers who complained who knows this, not the millions of others who are present on Twitter. And if they don’t send the DM then that’s up to them, you’ve done your job of offering your assistance.

Be sure not to just stick to the complaints of people who have @mentioned you, there’s nothing wrong with searching for yourself of Twitter.

It is a perfect way to see if anyone else is complaining about your business but they’re just not tagging you in it, you can then follow up and understand what their issue is and get it resolved as soon as possible. This will most likely surprise and delight your complaining customer and give you the upper hand in the situation.

You don’t want to create a generic reply, make it feel more personal to the customer complaining so they feel as though you want to help find a solution. Include your initials at the end of the message so they know they’re talking to an actual person. They’re the reason why you’re a success, so you have to make time for them otherwise your brand image could take a bit of a hit.

Once you resolve the issue, it’s time to go back and resume your normal customer service process. By following the process of listening, acting and resolving, you’ll be able to solve the majority of complaints that are thrown at you on twitter.

December 21, 2018

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