Mobility Company has Most Profitable Year To Date

The family-run Harrogate-based company Yorkshire Care Equipment has had their most profitable year to date despite the challenging economic climate. Since it was established back in 1972, Yorkshire Care has sought to enhance the quality of life for its customers with mobility and care products.

Despite the difficult conditions, Yorkshire Care has not only managed to stay afloat, but has actually managed to increase its profits seven-fold in 2018.

This huge year of success has seen many firsts for the company. Yorkshire Care released its own care chair, published a free eBook and branched out into new markets and product ranges. 2018 also saw the company achieve larger exclusive distribution areas for cutting-edge products like Raizer emergency lifting chair.

David Jordan, Yorkshire Care’s Showroom Manager said:

“This year has been incredibly busy for us despite cuts in NHS funding and other financial factors. We’ve seen many other mobility shops and even some of our suppliers go bust recently, so it’s important that we continue to deliver first class customer service and stay on top of new product developments and other things that will help business.”

On the back of the success in 2018, Yorkshire Care Equipment will now be looking to recruit more staff in the new year to keep up with the demand. The company will also be looking to craft more own-brand products and expand its presence in care homes and NHS community equipment loan stores.

The Managing Director of Yorkshire Care Equipment, Tristan Hulbert said:

“With Brexit on the horizon and other economic uncertainties, it’s understandable for any SMEs to face hardships.

“You have to think more strategically, and by increasing our Raizer dealership area, launching the Lento chair, and by offering home adaptations, Yorkshire Care Equipment has managed to cement its place as a leading supplier in the care and mobility market. Well done to all of our hard-working team for making 2018 one of our best years ever!”

December 20, 2018

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