Passport 2 Success Working Alongside Community Foundation For Calderdale

Judith Wright, the Managing Director of Wright Angle Marketing (WAM) and Passport 2 Success, a product of WAM, is pleased to announce that they will be working alongside Community Foundation for Calderdale (CFFC) to help support charitable organisations who struggle to access training because of funding constraints.

WAM will be donating £5 per month for each person who is a member of Passport 2 Success to help organisations overcome any funding issues when it comes to training. This funding will provide support to all educational projects, particularly in areas of money management and entrepreneurship.

The CFFC is an independent grant-making charity that acts as a catalyst for positive change in the communities they serve. They use the generosity of individuals, families and businesses by awarding up to £1 million of grant aid to organisations every year.

Judith Wright is extremely happy to be working alongside this charity. She has been involved in education and training for most of her working life and sees it as something that is a lifetime commitment and contributor to our own development.

“People only thrive and grow in direct correlation to their own personal development. So when Passport 2 Success was developed, we wanted to be able to utilise it to help to support education and training in areas where it may not always be readily available,” she said.

As a company, Passport 2 Success has signed up to the Global Goal of Quality Education, which works to ensure that quality education and lifelong learning opportunities are available to everyone.

This key goal was the main reasoning behind wanting to work alongside CFFC.

Steve Duncan, from Community Foundation for Calderdale said:

“CFFC are delighted to be working with WAM through the Passport 2 Success initiative to support charitable organisations who struggle to access training because of funding constraints. CFFC will work with WAM to ensure the grant aid is targeted effectively.”

Passport 2 Success is a platform build by industry experts to help, support, advise and guide small businesses and entrepreneurs to success. If you’re a small business, entrepreneur or microbusiness within the first three years of trading, then Passport 2 Success shows you what you need to do to take your business to where you dreamt it could be.

January 24, 2019

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