How To Read Body Language In Business

Body language is at least half of business communication, with numerous studies showing that between 50%-90% of communication is non-verbal, so ensuring you have a positive body language is key in business.


If someone wants to appear dominant or in-control, they stand tall with their shoulders back. When you are slumped over it can indicate that you are insecure, weak or guilty of something.


Changing the pitch at which you speak at can tell a lot about a person’s interest in different subjects. For example; men normally lower their tone if they’re interested in something – whereas women normally reach a higher pitch in similar scenarios.


Especially in business, this is very important. You must make sure that you make palm-to-palm contact to show your sincerity, openness and good-will when meeting a client or employee for the first time. Make sure it’s a firm handshake but not too firm, look at them in the eyes and smile.

Arms and leg position

Very important when you’re in meetings, different positions can indicate different things. If you’re sat down with your arms crossed and slightly facing away, it can indicate that you’re not interested. It’s recommended that you sit with both your arms and legs uncrossed as a sign of acceptance.


If you avoid eye contact, it can indicate that you are nervous or you are lying about what you’re saying. But staring and maintaining eye-contact can be seen as aggressive, you need to ensure that you are frequent with your eye contact, not too little but not too much, this shows that you are honest and interested in the current conversation.


When two people are similar and mirroring each other, it’s a sign that they’re getting along. They can put each other at ease as it shows that they’re comfortable in their presence.

July 15, 2018

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