Six Rewards That Incentivise Your Sales Team

Having employees in a sales position can sometimes be quite a stressful job, and whilst many sales teams thrive under pressure, they also need rewarding for all the hard work they have done for your business.

When in the sales profession, one of the most common incentives are commission-based contracts, linking your performance to a potential high reward. However, there are many other alternatives to money that can be appreciated more as they can motivate your staff to perform even better and help keep your employees engaged. The following is a list of six rewards that could fit with your business perfectly.

  1. Time

Such a simple but effective incentive that could have a huge impact on your business’s performance, who doesn’t like time off work?

One reward could be something as simple as whoever is the highest seller gets a full day of annual leave each month. Or even if you wanted to do it weekly, at the end of the week, whoever has been the best performer gets to leave early on a Friday. These two examples are simple but can motivate a team to constantly perform for your company.

  1. Keep it simple

Especially at small businesses, time and resources can be in short supply. But even a genuine thank you can go a long way. Such things like a personalised letter which recognises the hard work that the employee has contributed to the overall team. It indicates to them that you value the presence they have at your business and know that they play a key role in the organisation.

  1. Status symbol

You could invest in an inexpensive trophy that you award to the top salesperson at the end of each month/week/year. Everyone loves being a winner so it could motivate everyone to participate in some friendly competition, plus it’s something that’s not going to break the bank.

  1. Gifts

A small personalised gift is a superb way to show your appreciation for someone’s hard work. This works great if you know your employees well enough that you know what they will like. This particular incentive works best in small teams and is probably best for an infrequent, notable reward.

  1. Hospitality

You could even take your employees out for lunch, it doesn’t have to be anything expensive, even just a casual lunch, as it’s a great way to break up the day and demonstrate to them that you’re invested and believe in your staff as a bulk.

It might be nice for your employees to unwind a little from work and bond over something that isn’t actually related to their day to day activities. Everyone in your office needs time to unwind.

  1. Events

This final option can be more on the expensive side if you really want to treat your employees. You could treat them to a spa day, adventure day or experiences, these area great incentives that can work both for individuals and teams.

Treating your staff to a day-out can help them to decompress and give them a chance to reflect and enjoy their success.

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