Top 6 Things To Remember During A Rebrand

A business rebrand can be the stuff of nightmares and can have both positive and negative effects on your customers and prospects alike. While rebranding can add a new breath of fresh air into your business, it can easily be done wrong and shouldn’t be an impulse decision.

  1. Have a reason why

Reasons behind a rebrand can be anything from the evolution of a product/service, the brand has aged or it’s time to appeal to a new audience.

It may be that your brand was simply aging, you have merged with another company or that you simply wanted a change in look and feel to represent your growth. Having a reason means you have an answer to the most common question, “Why did you rebrand?”.

  1. Research your customers and competitors

Before you start the rebranding process, do a little research first. Look at your target market and find out what their interests are and what they would like to see from a company. Are they looking for sophistication, quirkiness or something simple? Take a look at what competitors are up to as well, a rebrand is the perfect opportunity to see what you’re up against branding-wise.

  1. Keep your customers informed

Not letting your customers know about a dramatic rebrand can potentially damage your brands reputation. Your customers should be informed of the process throughout, giving you an excellent opportunity to promote the new branding.

  1. Defend change

One thing you’ll notice once you’ve rebranded is that no matter how good you think it is, you may well get some criticism. Standing by your change is vital as a lot of time and energy as well as finance will have gone into the change and for others to believe in it, you have to too.

Rebranding isn’t easy, but if you do the right research, get your team behind you and target your correct audience, you should be successful in the rebrand.

  1. Get rid of the old brand

Once you have rebranded your business, there may be some old stock hanging around, or staff that are using the now outdated material to communicate with customers (think brochures, business cards etc). It’s important that you introduce your new branding out there in a timely fashion. It makes the business look unprofessional and can confuse customers if there is old and new branding out in the public eye at the same time.

  1. Enjoy it

Rebranding is a chance to show your brand off and let people know about your business and products. It’s a chance to tell your story of where you’ve started and where you’re going. Enjoy the process as it’s a celebration of your business success and growth.

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