Why You Should Be Using Twitter For Your Business

One of the most popular social media networks, Twitter, has over 1.3 billion registered users (since February 2017), with over 100 million daily active users. Businesses are now using this platform as a big part of their marketing strategy and if you’re not part of the community, you’re seriously missing out on a potentially huge market.

Here are our top six reasons for why you should get your business on Twitter:

Connect with your customers

It’s safe to say that your customers will probably be on Twitter. Social media has become such a large part of the population’s daily routines; it’s the first thing they look at when they wake up and the last when they go to sleep. Coordinating your posts to align with this schedule (timings may differ depending on your audience) can greatly increase how many people see your business. You can create relationships with customers on Twitter, connect with them on a personal level, respond to their feedback and make them feel like a valued customer. Other people will also see this interaction which will ultimately build your businesses reputation. Be part of the conversation!

Check out the competition

You can learn a lot about a company just by looking at their social media presence. Twitter is great to keep tabs on your competitors but it’s not just tweets you should be checking out, take a look at what people are tweeting them and tweeting about them. It’s a great chance to poach potential customers by being the answer to people’s problems.

Free marketing

Everyone loves a bit of free marketing and social media is one of the best for it. Twitter is perfect to use for free marketing as it’s easy to gain followers and get your content out to millions of people. The trick is to keep your content engaging, eye-catching and under 140 characters!

Keeping your customers updated

You can share valuable information with your audience on Twitter such as promotions, sales, coupon codes and the latest news about your business. When you’re running a business you’ll know the importance of keeping your customers updated with the latest news and Twitter is one of the most effective ways to do this.

Go viral

Once you’ve got yourself going with Twitter and built up a healthy following, you can then find out how viral Twitter can be. When you’ve gained that popularity, people will start sharing your content more and more thus sharing it to a wider audience. This works particularly well with promotions, competitions etc. for a local area for example.

Brand loyalty

When you’ve connected with your audience and helped your customers on Twitter, they will become loyal to your brand (whether they realise it or not). They’ll continue using you as they’ve had such a good experience dealing with you and speaking to them on a personal level. Making a customer feel special is an experience you want every customer to have.

July 16, 2018

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