Why You Should Be Using Twitter For Your Business

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms just behind Facebook, with the total number of registered users standing at 1.3 billion as of February 2017, with over 300 million active users. Because of the simplicity of this platform, businesses are now beginning to divulge into this area and use it as part of their marketing strategy. If you’re not taking advantage of this platform, you’re potentially missing out on a huge market.

Here are the top six reasons why, as a business, you should be present on Twitter.

Connect with your customers

Your customers will be present on Twitter. Social media has become a casual part of some people’s daily routines; the first and last thing they might do in the morning and at night is scroll through social media. As a business, you may want to try and correspond the posts you make in conjunction with when your target market is most likely to be using this platform (timings may vary of different audiences). If this is done correctly, then this will have a great impact on how people see your business.

Furthermore, you will want to build relationships with your customers through Twitter by responding to them on a personal level; this could be through replying to feedback, something as simple as this makes them feel like they’re a valued customer. Not only will your reputation improve with this customer, but other users will see this interaction, and it could portray a positive image of your business across to these as well.

Check out the competition

You can learn a lot about your competition by examining their social media profiles. Twitter is a great platform to look at how they’re performing, not just through their tweets, but what their customers are tweeting to them (is it negative or positive). This could be a great opportunity for you to step in if they’re struggling to respond to their customers.

Free marketing

Why would you not want to use free marketing? Twitter is a great asset for businesses as it allows you to promote your product or service to millions of people, and the great thing is you can only use 140 characters, so no lengthy tweets, just long enough to keep the users interested!

Keeping your customers updated

When using Twitter, you can keep your customers updated with promotional offers, sales, coupon codes and the latest news about the business. This is an effective way to ensure you keep your customers up to date, as the majority of users on Twitter access it at least once a day.

Go viral

Once you’ve got your Twitter profile up and running, you can then find out about viral Twitter. When your popularity has increased and you have a good number of followers, people will begin to share your content which will widen the audience you appeal towards.

Brand loyalty

When you’ve connected with your audience and helped them, they will become loyal towards your brand, whether they realise or not. That means they will come back and purchase your products repeatedly because they’ve had such a good experience previously. Make sure that your customers never forget their experience to make them want to return again.

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