Why Your Business Needs A Chatbot In 2019

The digital universe is a constantly changing environment, there are new advancements appearing on a frequent basis that your business may have to adapt towards. These changes can make a huge difference in how brands connect with their customers and keep them happier than ever.

We mentioned how important chatbots are going to be in our 2019 digital trends blog, but we’re going to go into more depth about it here.

With the advancement in AI over the past few years, it has allowed businesses to integrate it into their business in an extremely beneficial way. Whilst chatbots aren’t exactly a brand-new, out of this world concept, thanks to the development and constant improvement, the use of them has increased incredibly over the past few years.

As an example, 75% of users expect an instant reply from a chat with a company at any given moment, which means that people are becoming impatient even after waiting a couple of seconds or minutes and when you have more customers to please, you simply cannot afford to have a relatively long wait time.

Let’s have a look at the reasons why you need to use a chatbot in your business.

  1. Save on customer support

It can be difficult when you’re first starting up whether you should outsource your customer support or handle it yourself, after all, you don’t have the biggest team going. However, to help reduce the time, effort and cost you have to spend yourself on customer support or outsourcing to an agency, you can utilise chatbots to reduce the costs of this area within your business.

Trying to cut costs when you’re a smaller business in areas like this can really make the difference because it lets you focus more resources and time elsewhere.

  1. Smarter conversations

Let’s be honest, the sound of a robot talking to a real human to this day still doesn’t sound that appealing. However, thanks to AI algorithms, it allows chatbots to gather data, recognise return customers and initiate human-like conversations straight off the bat.

This automatically allows start-ups to thrive in the face of ever-growing competition and demand, as engagement efficiency becomes much better with the help of these AI-driven inventions.

You should have the confidence to create ad campaigns, refresh your visual identity without having to worry about the chatbots. They are able to handle an increasing amount of on the spot issues without human monitoring which lets the business grow as a result.

  1. Boosting conversion rates

Not only will you have a higher satisfaction rate among your customers, chatbots now use their features to learn. They gather relevant data from your customers’ behavioural patterns so they can understand where your business might be failing in order to fulfil and increase conversions.

If chatbots are able to gather relevant data for your business in order to help towards conversions, then why shouldn’t they be integrated into your business. They’re able to gather data across your website, social media etc. and help you understand what changes can be made to help convert that organic traffic into actual buyers.

  1. Much faster troubleshooting

No matter how perfect you make your business, you could be the cream of the crop, but there’s always someone who will have trouble navigating your product page, finding their product, if they’ve got the right shipping methods for their country etc. For any technical problems, chatbots can be lifesavers for any business out there. They can save an incredible amount of time and provide the right information without delay.

Brands who use chatbots are able to offer an almost zero wait time for each customer query and on top of that, have 24-hour support which can really make the difference when you expand and have a global audience. We live in a relatively impatient time, where people expect things to be done instantly or at least soon after, so it’s almost a necessity now to have chatbots available 24/7 so your customers are able to resolve any burning questions, issues, emergencies etc. in an instant.

  1. Avoid human error

We all make mistakes and there’s no way anyone is going to stop that, but chatbots are able to take out that human error that can occur to ensure that the process is much more seamless. Sure, errors will occur as with everything, but they’ll be a lot less common and thanks to AI, chatbots are able to learn from their mistakes.

  1. Enhance user experience

No matter what job you’re in, there are certain tasks that in your job you dread because they’re time-consuming, repetitive and more often than not, mind-numbingly boring. But chatbots have infinite tolerance when it comes to these so there’s no worry of any of these tasks driving them insane!

Chatbots will only get better over time through the collection of customer data. The introduction to chatbots in your business can really make a difference when you need to focus your time and effort on more important tasks elsewhere. They are only going to get better and better and they’re already in a good enough place to make a difference in your business.


February 8, 2019

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